Our Story

The Fly Program was founded with a great sense of responsibility and passion, not equity. It was the winter of 2013 we would receive the news that our beautiful brother, a son and an uncle had taken his life.

The heartbreak and the pain of losing a family member always difficult to grasp but losing a family member in these circumstances is profoundly impossible to comprehend. The weeks and months would pass and we would slowly learn to deal with the raw nature of the pain but the questions would never end.

Although we couldn’t always find the answers there was an enormous motivation to change the outcome for others. It became our commitment to provide the resources to assist Australian men to find a release and increase their quality of life, whether directly, or indirectly touched by these threads of mental illness and instituting a new outlet – participation in the natural world as a reprieve from the day-to-day challenges too many men face in our community.

Our brother’s legacy will always live on through The Fly Program and we dedicate our work to those we hope to serve in the community.