The Fly Program is made up of passionate professionals.


Kyle Bullock

Kyle Bullock is a filmmaker and brand strategist with a passion for driving a positive and inclusive conversation around mental health. Touched by personal tragedy as a result of mental health issues he has used the past 10 years working with the some of the world’s best known personalities storytelling across a variety of mediums with a focus on bringing a conversation about mental health to the forefront and leveraging these audiences to drive change. His aim with The Fly Program is to continue driving this positive narrative and support our ambassadors, brand and corporate partners find their voice in this space.

Director and Chairman

Matt Rose

Matt is an avid outdoorsman and the General Manager at Cummins&Partners (the country’s largest independently-owned creative/media agency). Over the last 15 years, Matt has worked alongside, led and partnered with some of Australia’s most prominent multinational and start up creative agencies, providing him with the first hand experience of the relentless nature of high performance corporate environments. Throughout his career, Matt has witnessed the grave impacts to one’s well-being caused by unchecked stress, depression and anxiety. 

Matt strives to bring awareness and recognition to the impact of poor mental fitness, and is focused on working with those who similarly believe in the Program’s purpose, aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and most importantly, want to make the lives of Aussie men, better. 

Founder and CEO

Matt Tripet

Matt Tripet is a highly respected adventure professional, public figure in the recreational fishing industry and educator. Losing a brother-in-law to suicide, Matt intimately understands the burden and trauma associated with losing a loved one in these circumstances.

He is driven to change the culture surrounding mental illness in the Australian male community by fostering environments where men can find reprieve from the difficulties they may be facing through powerful environments found in the outdoors.

Ben Fletcher

Ben Fletcher

Ben is a business owner, advisor, board member, and mad keen mountain biker. He is a passionate advocate for small business and sees it as the surest path the average person has to financial and personal freedom, but is also keenly aware of the stress and anxiety that come hand-in-hand with running your own business.

Having personally seen the restorative effect exercise in nature can have on people suffering from anxiety and depression he has wanted to get involved with the Program since day one and looks forward to harnessing his strategic skill set for the betterment of the organisation.

Company Secretary / Public Officer

Amelia Tripet

Amelia Tripet is a young mother who has directly experienced the trauma of losing a brother to suicide. Amelia is passionate about mental health in our Australian male community and is someone who understands the sensitive nature of mental illness, shining a nurturing light on the company and its direction.