The Fly Program Scholarships are made possible by those who support our work through donations and fundraising. We are also very fortunate to be the benefactors of the Dyson Family Bequest and the Wales Family Trust provide generous financial support.

Our ‘Men In Flight’ community retreats really are a world-class experience that are already heavily subsidised to simply operate at a cost rate, not a profit. Therefore, we request all participants considering a scholarship to carefully commit to making their best contribution to the program.

We also understand that everyone has different financial positions and we never want finances to be a barrier for someone to attend a retreat.

Therefore, we have developed three scholarship levels participants can elect appropriate to their circumstances.

All scholarship applicants will be contacted by our team to make sure we have provided you with the best support.


**Scholarship – Level 1 – 20% Discount**

Amount payable – $1,120.00


**Scholarship – Level 2 – 50% Discount**

Amount payable – $700.00


**Scholarship Level 3 – Full balance**

Amount payable – $100.00 deposit only