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Corporate In Flight

Corporate and high performance team programs built in wild places.

The Fly Program’s Corporate Inflight Programs aim to address team environment stress, anxiety and peer support, focused on prevention strategies, social inclusion and to eliminate stigma associated with exposure to psychological pressure.


Why it's important

The program is customised to foster inclusive social environments with a focus on building strong team cultures at all levels of the organisation. Without the implementation of such initiatives, organisations can leave themselves exposed to stressed team environments, low satisfaction in team culture and increased exposure related to psychological injuries and low performance.

The majority of mental health issues seen in any team environment are treatable and in most cases are preventable. The importance organisations must place on prevention of such conditions creates a culture that protects, engages and develops welfare and a powerful team culture, particularly in periods of adversity.


The Fly Program’s approach to our programs are derived through ‘adventure therapy’ practises. Adventure therapy facilitating programs in, or through outdoor experiences to help participants embrace psychological and/or behavioural therapeutic change through intervention at both an individual and group level.

A unique, holistic approach, adventure therapy integrates aspects of a range of therapeutic approaches (cognitive, behavioural, systemic, existential, and psychodynamic to name a few) to develop a diverse program which engages team members in natural environments on cognitive, affective and behavioural levels. It empowers participants through the provision of fun and engaging activities, which are challenging yet attainable, and are sequenced to build a sense of self-efficacy and outdoor values within participants. The individual meanings derived from programs are aimed to be continued by participants in their work environment, individual and social worlds.

Previous Clients

We have worked with Fortune 500 Organisations, Rugby Australia, ACT Brumbies Rugby, Government agencies through to small businesses and 100% of fees from the programs support 100% of the revenue generated through these programs support our community work.

The Fly Program host culture changing programs and had a massive impact of our success at the Brumbies in 2019

Dan McKeller, ACT Brumbies Coach

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