Program #3

AgSpirit Big Fish Challenge

The AgSpirit Big Fish Challenge is a friendly fishing competition for teams of rural Australians set-up to start quality conversations and support men’s mental wellbeing.

Registrations for the 2020 competition are now open. If you are someone off the land, or living in rural Australia, put your team together today by going to the App Store for a FREE download of the Bayer Big Fish Challenge App

Bayer’s commitment to the Australian Rural community are donating $1 for every CM of the biggest fish caught in the completion are donating it to us so that we can host a fully funded (travel included), life-changing retreat for our rural communities hosted in the NSW Snowy Mountains.

It has been great coming down here to the Snowy Mountains. I believe
in this sort of thing (men’s mental health), so it was easy to get me on board.
 It was fantastic; I really enjoyed it.

Con Iacutone - Team FNQ Piscatorial Professionals, Mareeba, QLD

We’re now actively looking for referrals for our programs. So, if you know a grower who’s not coping well with the drought, struggling with working long hours, isolation or the pressures of modern life we’d like to hear from you.

All nominations are reviewed through the Fly Program’s screening process to ensure that the program meet the needs of the individual as an early intervention mental wellness program.


There are currently no upcoming sessions.