Snowies MTB Festival

9-11 FEBRUARY, 2024

How to join the FundraiseR

Join The Fly Program’s team participating in the Snowies MTB Festival.

Donate directly

You can donate directly by click the “DONATE” button on this page or clicking this link:Donate Directly


Start A Fundraiser

Login or Register for a new account

Once logged in, click on “Create A Campaign”.
In “Who Are You Raising Money For?” click on “Another Campaign”
Select “The Fly Program Team: Snowies MTB Festival” from the dropdown.

Fillout your campaign details and information

Add your Fundraising title, Fundraising Goal, Details and other information.

Start and Share your fundraiser

Go to My Campaigns and click the link of the fundraiser that you created. You can click on the sharing buttons like below.

fundraisers for Snowy Mountains MTB Festival