Our Team

The Fly Program team is made up of passionate professionals


Founding Company Director

Matt Tripet

Matt Tripet is a qualified teacher, adventure professional and fly casting instructor and guide. Losing a brother-in-law to suicide, Matt intimately understands the burden and trauma associated with losing a loved one to mental illness and is motivated to make a positive impact on the Australian male community by fostering environments where men can find reprieve from the difficulties they may be facing
in their lives.


Company Director

Mark Sands

Mark is a highly experienced chartered accountant working with national and global organisations. In what can be sometimes a very stressful profession, Mark is keen to work with young and middle aged men to find a healthy outlet for their mental health challenges and improve the resilience of our future leaders.


Company Director

Cade Brown

Cade is a Partner at Callida Consulting and is also an Elite Athlete Manager for some of Australia’s best Rugby Union
and cricketing athletes. Coming from a semi-professional sporting background, Cade has a tremendous opportunity to share his expertise and personal experience connected to mental health disorders with amateur and professional sporting athletes.


Company Director

Michael Fardel

Michael is a successful business owner, film producer and is considered by his peers as a philanthropist. As a business owner he experiences first-hand the anxiety and stress associated with owning a business and managing staff and aims to use his experience to benefit the male adult community as business leaders and employers.


Company Director

Mark O’Brien

Mark is a senior Naval Officer with the Australian Defence Force. Mark sees first-hand the impact and prevalence that mental health disorders such as PTSD has on current and ex-service people. With a deep seeded passion for the outdoors and those who serve our country he offers extraordinary experience and professionalism focused on helping current and ex-servicemen.




Alice leads the corporate and commercial team at Meyer Vandenberg Lawyers. Alice brings to the Fly Program her knowledge of the NFP sector and skills in governance. Having seen and experienced the effects of mental illness through friends and colleagues, Alice is committed to de-stigmatising mental illness through positive messaging and partnerships.


Company Secretary / Public Officer

Amelia Tripet

Amelia Tripet is a young mother who has directly experienced the trauma of losing a brother to suicide. Amelia is passionate about mental health in our Australian male community and is someone who understands the sensitive nature of mental illness, shining a nurturing light on the company and its direction.