Community Programs

The Men In Flight Program aims to assist Aussie men with the resources that support healthier lives, physically and mentally.

Men who have faced stress, anxiety and/or have been exposed to a difficult event in their life can be nominated into a program through our Community Referrals link on our website.

All nominated participants are reviewed through The Fly Program’s screening process to ensure that our program meets the needs of the individual as an early intervention, or post-clinical intervention mental wellness program.

The NSW and ACT chapter of the Men In Flight program commences in the NSW Snowy Mountains with a 4 day, once-in-a-lifetime adventure retreat. Men will discover new places through lure and fly fishing programs and also discover some of Australia’s epic alpine wilderness locations on a mountain bike. It is in these settings we can create powerful platforms to talk, support and educate participants.

The remaining 7 weeks of the program is completed in the participant’s place of residence, which will include an all-inclusive gym membership at any Anytime Fitness franchise across Australia, journalling programs, forums and weekly mental fitness programs.

At the conclusion of every 8-week Men In Flight Program, participants will also be invited to attend one of our ‘Men In Flight Conclaves.’ The conclaves are a great way to review the 8-week journey participants enjoyed together, have a laugh and to also reconnect with newly found friends made on the programs.

To assist The Fly Program raise the required funds to host this amazing program you can make a tax-deductible donation, or sponsor someone by following the link Donate Now on the website. Alternatively, email for further information.

For Further Information or Enquiries

Men in Focus is a speaking event hosted by The Fly Program founder Matt Tripet, or one of The Fly Program Ambassador team that promotes community awareness of mental wellness through inspiring stories of real-life Australian men. It is through the lives of ordinary Australian men we can create a powerful platform to engage a community and encourage discussions of substance, whilst removing the stigma that surrounds mental illness in our male community.

The Men in Focus Road Show leverages from existing community events across Australia, or it can be arranged as a part of a corporate function.

To assist The Fly Program hosting this program you can make a tax-deductible donation by following the link Donate Now on the website. Alternatively, you may want to book The Fly Program to present at your next corporate event by emailing for further information.

For Further Information or Enquiries